What you think is possible is based on conventional ideas of fitness.

Base 10 goes well beyond those conventions.

You will change the way you look, change the way you feel, and change the way you perform. Maybe more importantly, you will change the way you think.

You will realize that fitness is so much more than what you thought, and that the goals you once had were only scratching the surface.


There is no substitute for hard work and there never will be. Yet you’re promised it time and time again…

Successful people pursue hard things. They know it’s the only path to things truly worth having. Change comes from putting in the work, one day at a time.

The only thing that separates you from where you want to be is the decision that staying the same is no longer good enough. From there, no matter where you’re starting from, all it takes is everything you’ve got.


Our name, Base 10, describes the idea that you are only as fit as you are well-rounded in these 10 physical skills:

cardiovascular/respiratory endurance • stamina • strength • flexibility • power • speed • coordination • agility • balance • accuracy

We train for these skills in the gym to be capable of anything outside of it. Life and sport don’t happen in isolated movements or small ranges of motion.

We track your progress and results only in how much you change. You will complete more work in less time in tasks that demand all types of skills. You will have a higher output in short sprints and in long, sustained efforts. And as your capacity increases, so too do the progressions of our workouts; ensuring continuous growth and improvement. Doing things you could never do before is what matters.


You + Me
You can do this, it will work, and this is our first chance to prove it to you. In every private session we’ll progress through a series of movements and perform a high intensity workout with them. You will learn the mechanics and technique of all of our exercises. Skills will be taught and refined for maximum efficiency and safety.

In a one-on-one environment we’ll learn your current level of fitness and what, if any, limitations or concerns we’ll need to accommodate moving forward. This will ensure we’ll always know how to find the appropriate level for your workout, but also push you to new places. We’ll always re-test your abilities at least once before the conclusion of a private training package. You will be better, and it will only be the tip of the iceberg.


You + Me + Friends

This is personal training amplified. Everything we do for you in private training we do in group training, but now you do it with new friends. Once you’re ready for it, the team atmosphere adds a dynamic that we simply cannot duplicate in private training. This is where time and consistency with the program will transform you entirely.


Our online nutrition program is included with all memberships.


Schedule your discovery phone call or private visit by calling Brandon at (803) 429-2357 or email brandon@base10fitness.com.