Megan Keatley


Brandon Keatley



After publishing a best-selling nutrition cookbook, we opened Base 10 in 2014. We’ve spent 10 years training clients and learning what works and what doesn’t work in terms of getting people fit. But most importantly, we’ve learned what works in order to make people confident (in & out of the gym), and keep them motivated to come back for more–so they can get in the best shape of their lives and have fun doing it.


Workouts are nothing without an environment that drives you, and without coaches that know you–to push and support you. They are nothing without a community to inspire you to give everything you have, and camaraderie to keep you coming back. You need pride in your accomplishments and hunger for more.


Results require dedication, commitment, and all-in effort. But most importantly, results come when you’re excited and motivated to show up– and you realize we become the best part of your day.


We know this can be very intimidating, but the reasons it’s scary are the same reasons the potential is so exciting. We’re not willing to back down and give you less than you deserve.


Instead, we promise we can get you over even the biggest fears and insecurities. We’ve spent years learning how to build absolutely anyone into our program and make them confident along the way. This kind of confidence only comes from conquering things this challenging. And you will conquer them.